Anyone can change the world.

Hack+ aims to empower students to build, learn, and innovate while loving every step of the journey.

We make it easy for high schoolers to launch and grow their own businesses, all while helping give back to the community.

Our Programs

Learn more about our amazing programs that are helping high schoolers take over the world.


Easier than ever to start a business

Start+ provides an incredible platform that gives students everything they need to launch a startup or nonprofit organization.


Acceleration from start to finish

Grow+ is an innovative startup accelerator that works closely with students to turn their ideas into scalable businesses.


Making a bigger impact with technology

Community+ provides a platform for Hack+ members to benefit the community by building creative technological solutions for problems in society.


At a high school near you

Hack+Schools is the structure for Hack+. Each Hack+School runs all Hack+ activities at their local high school.

Join us as we change the world.

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